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knk Software

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89 Headquarters Plaza
North #1478
Morristown, NJ 07960
knk Software

As experts in the publishing industry, knk Business Software combines the strengths of a business consultancy and the solution expertise of a software company. knk develops and markets knkPublishing – the only Microsoft-certified publishing software in the world.

knkPublishing combines classical business functions (including financial accounting, supply chain management, order-to-cash and the powerful CRM functionality of Microsoft Dynamics), with industry-specific functions for book, periodical and specialist publishers; functionality such as editorial, book production, asset management, rights and royalties, subscriptions and others, all in one modular package. Using integrated workflow management, users can standardize organizational processes, automate approval processes and continuously revise and improve data quality and value.

knk is a Certified Microsoft Partner - the ONLY Microsoft-certified publishing software in the world. This strategic partnership ensures that the latest industry knowledge and applications, in addition to the Microsoft technology are always available to our customers. While Microsoft is dedicated to the continuous development of technology and generic apps, knk focuses on the conception and design of innovative publishing features to support publishers in these constantly transitioning times.

Currently, knk has over 350 customers in the publishing industry in North America, Europe and Asia. We offer in-depth industry knowledge, proven consultancy competence and over 25 years’ experience in project and change management in the publishing industry. In March 2018, we acquired Bradbury-Phillips International, a leading provider of rights, royalties and agency software, who add another 120 customers to the growing knk family.

If you are a publisher, and need to:

  • Increase profit by improving Title and Metadata Management and Cost Analysis
  • Deepen your insight into customer interests and needs with BI tools and Social Listening
  • Streamlineproduction processes for new and existing business models
  • Lower the cost of managing royalties & rights in a world of multiple delivery formats,

...... then consider knkPublishing Software.

For additional information on our company, software, services and support, please see our website, www.knkpublishingsoftware.com or call us at 781-772-2213.

Visit our website: www.knk.com
knk Software | 89 Headquarters Plaza North #1478 Morristown, NJ 07960 | 781x-772x-2213
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